A brunch at Lola’s in Seattle

Tom Douglas, I don’t know how you keep doing it, but bless you for all the scrumptiousness you bring with your restaurant empire in Seattle. This time, we went to his outpost of Lola for a Sunday brunch.

Below, you see Tom’s big breakfast, a mix of roasted corn, walla walla onion, green beans, poached egg, garlic yogurt, toast, and Mediterranean octopus. And, they are generous with that soft tender octopus.They call it big breakfast, but you don’t feel uncomfortably full from it either, it almost seems healthy. Well, probably before the toast with butter and the potatoes I ordered extra on the side…

It seems simple, just a scramble, but the flavors and textures give you tickle of your taste sensations. Seasoned wonderfully, it explodes and swirls on your tastebuds as a a mix of sweet and savory and spicy with octopus as tender as scallop and crunchy caramelized onions and green beans  and bursts of corn kernals, and then the ooze of yolk from the egg and also some cool creaminess from the greek yogurt to tame the stimulating sensation with all this. You can compose each of your spoonfuls (and you bet I ate this with a spoon) to be this.

Tom's Big Breakfast octopus hash Brunch at Lola, Seattle

Meanwhile, my friend had the Greek scramble with feta, tomatoes, basil, bacon, smashed garlic potatoes, toast. The feta was a great touch of saltiness for the egg. We were drawn to Lola’s in the first place by the Smashed garlic-fried potatoes, which we were surprised given how well flavored our two dishes were, how bland these potatoes were. She added salt and pepper to hers, while I let my get swirled around on my plate to absorb the Tom Big Breakfast seasoning.

Greek Scramble Brunch at Lola, Seattle


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