A visit to Cascade Brewing

Thanks to JnJ for their gift card to F for his birthday, as it funded what you see here (ok…. many months later) at Cascade Brewing Barrel House… well, on my part (I didn't photograph his food or beers). Tasters of some of their sour beers (their speciality), a cup of Saison Beer Cheese soup (very cheesy!), and Curried Chicken Salad, a mixture of smoked chicken, mango chutney, celery, red onion & seasonal fresh fruit (in autumn this is apples) tossed in a yogurt-based curried dressing served on a bed of greens with bread. Aside from the Chicken Salad I had from Kenny and Zuke's, this is the best chicken salad I have had so far in Portland. And of course, if you like sour beers, you will love it here… if you aren't as big of a fan, they do have some other beers but that's the point here… at least try a sampler of a few of the sours. I'm not a big sour fan, but even I really enjoyed a couple of them. Open up your mind and palate to something new!

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