Brunch at Brasserie Montmartre

When the wait at Tasty n Alder for brunch the other Sunday was too long as we were afraid of missing the Bolt Bus to Seattle, we were forced to a Plan B. We wound up at Brasserie Montmartre. They offer a complimentary breakfast pastry as you wait for your order to come up- I had a flakey buttery croissant, and F had a scone.

For our brunch entrees, F was surprised at how good his oatmeal was: the secret was because it had bananas already mixed in even before adding the brown sugar and milk. Meanwhile, I tried an unusual breakfast dish with my Bloody Mary: D’Anjou pear fritters with breakfast eggs, potatoes, and Italian sausage. For breakfast potatoes, the oven roasted offering here are wonderfully crispy and seasoned, which is nice to see given so many other soggier potatoes that are often served during brunch.

Brasserie Montmartre, brunch Brasserie Montmartre, brunch

There were several other groups brunching, including several groups of all ladies- and that’s how I learned they have a $10 bottomless mimosa. There was no line/wait during brunch time, service was prompt and we were in and out in 45 minutes which gave us plenty of time to go to an ATM before even going to the Bolt bus stop. Because the space is historic it has a charm that was relaxing and beautiful, without the din of other people or crowding like so many other brunch locations in PDX. It really seems like a hidden secret brunch gem.



  1. Mark Albert says:

    Brasserie Montmartre appears to be a very enticing choice for a Sunday brunch. Thanks for sharing, and also mentioning the Bolt Bus Service that I hadn’t heard about before. It seems to be a very convenient option for a short trip to Seattle.

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