First August Weekend… Bailey’s Taproom and Meriwethers

August is a busy month in terms of eventful weeks and weekends, so I think I may be very brief in my blog writings and rely on photos to give you glimpses of what I am up to.

This past weekend was Bailey’s Taproom fourth Anniversary Festival. As a gift to themselves for their fouth year of successful beertending, they installed a new electronic tap list sign. It so happened I was there to see the sign’s grand opening on Monday when the shot taken shows me foursquare checked in. Below is a photo of the munchies to go along with the beers: various cheeses from Spain, Ireland, Beecher’s Flagship and Marco Polo… and Saucisson D’Alsace from Olympic Provisions

Meriwether’s Restaurant for a lovely brunch in the garden… look at those super fluffy blueberry pancakes! I had an omelette stuffed to brimming with lots of dungeness crab folded with a light sweet herb crema. There must have been at least 2 crabs worth of meat in there.  It came with potato au gratin, of which the redeemable and best part was the top with the burnt crunchy cheese, and also two pieces of almost crouton-state toasts with strawberry jam. I did appreciate that they were dishing out potato au gratin instead of the normal breakfast potato most brunches use.

I didn’t take a photo of the beverages- it seemed a bit pricey for the mimosas though it was nice that they provided choices of orange, pineapple, grapefruit or pomegranate juice which is a great idea and was gorgeous looking on the table. These Meri Mimosas come in a champagne glass though unlike the Grand Mimosa (with Grand Marnier) with comes in a  pint glass. I went with my usual bloody mary (“Bloody Meri”) which of course also comes in a pint glass and was peppery but nothing out of the ordinary.

The garden was wonderfully cultivated with flowers and greenery and little birdhouses and wrought iron furniture so it felt like an oasis. The only drama was in a friend’s tales during conversation, and not during any overwrought wait as you would typically expect at brunches (you can even make a reservation via OpenTable and they have their own parking lot), so it was a calming escape and a peaceful and positive start to Sunday.

I think this is my new favorite brunch place in terms of atmosphere usurping Mother’s… although food-wise I am still really blown away by Screendoor and Pine State Biscuit. The prices here are also slightly higher then many other brunch options, though they also are supporting the farm to table with their direct connection to Skyline Farm, which I support.  Ultimately I prefer my mornings to be more slow starting rather then feeling competitive or rushed and then feeling time slow down because we’re waiting for a table, so having brunch in the courtyard here is much preferred as I can feel time slow down because I can relax.



  1. Nice solid table you got there. I wonder where I can get something like that.

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