Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In order to properly give homage to today’s 5/5 celebration, here are some photos of other previously undocumented (in this blog) yummies from Santeria, a little hidden hole in the wall slightly off the main street on Ankeny (across from Baileys, also near Mary’s – and sharing their bathroom… hey hole in the wall remember) but putting out really great Mexican.

Their ridiculously huge chimichanga. A friend coined it best when after finishing it, said she was now pregnant with a “burrito baby” belly. It’s true…

Sometimes instead of a burrito I get a Pastor Taco Salad

But it’s no small salad- look at it in perspective with the sauces and snifter glass of beer… but then again, I always am able to finish it… why is it so good. The only way to keep myself in control is to limit myself to tacos, and I sometimes will wrap the last part of the burrito in the paper it comes in and take home. But these are too messy to take home… but too good to leave behind…

I will also dream fondly of Mexican roasted corn on the cob (which I actually like when they take it off the cob and just put it directly into the cheesy pepper mayo and sometimes also butter mess that you can stir and get on every smoky kernel in a cup). Unhealthy but happy food memories. The last time I had elote was 2009 in Seattle at the Pike Place Market. Yes, I remember when I last had it. I was super excited to see it. (All of these photos are from the Maxwell St Market in Chicago except the one with the kernels being cut from the corn which is from Seattle)

I also miss the duck confit nachos from De Cero in Chicago, another guilty pleasure.

From Adventures of Pech 2007

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