Happy Hour at Planet Thai, Beaverton

I am a wordy person. I know. That’s just the way I am when I write. Though in person I have all those same thoughts, I don’t always string them out verbally… I save it often for when I can type at my 90+ words per minute, because even as a fast talker I can’t keep up.

Yes dad, all those typing speed games you gave me and my brother and sisters on the Type-right a Pre-computer Typing Tutors when we were young totally paid off beyond getting us easily through typing class (I can’t believe my typing class was still on a typewriter, and the entire time I thought how they missed an opportunity by not using Word Invaders…)

Looking back, my parents were SO clever. Besides this trick to teach us, they also would take us to the Teachers Store to load us with all the workbooks for us to “play school” during the summer. I also remember super fondly listening to Little Thinker tapes where I would just sit by myself, listening to the storytelling on the tape which had pauses to play music and draw that part of the story, and that all the tapes could be put into one large plastic case. It seems they come in mp3 format now, but I still remember fondly the feel of the cassette tapes. What a clever way for a me as a kid to entertain myself.

Wait, here I go ahead, typing a whole bunch of stuff when this is supposed to be a photo post of a Happy Hour at Planet Thai, Beaverton. This was supposed be a clever setup where this post shows you some pictures, and you have to use your own creative storytelling to fill in the blanks.

Just imagine it’s Friday, it’s finally 5, and it’s happy hour time! Planet Thai is right at the Beaverton Central Max station. Planet Thai boasts $5 martinis such as these, as well as 20 items on their happy hour menu 3-6pm daily, all $5 or less to nosh on, including the spicy saucy Street Vendor Thai Chicken wings and a generous side of Thai fried rice. That last martini isn’t on the menu, but is an alcoholic take on a Thai Iced Tea. When the weather is nice, they can pull back the garage door walls/windows by the bar so you can enjoy the summer breeze as you sip. They have only been open since January (this was the previous location of Typhoon, and this is the second location of a Planet Thai the other being in Vancouver WA), and seems to still be an undiscovered gem.

What are you thinking/talking about as you enjoy lime, pear vodka and blue curacao, and thai iced tea cocktails?

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Is it Friday yet?



  1. brooke lyn says:

    that drank is so blue. impressive.

    • It is REALLY blue. But I figured it’s more sparkly than antifreeze, so was totally safe. Blue Curacao cocktails are apparently not as common in PDX

  2. hahaha.. Pech, this post is the perfect example of why I like you so much! I love the story about your family and the games. My husband’s family did that with him and he is soooooo smart and witty with words. I can type faster though. 😉 I hope to make learning fun for my son as well. The thai iced tea cocktail looks amazing!

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