How was the dentist?

Well, when I walked in, they were playing Frank Sinatra/Bobby Darin/etc type music, and instead of a clipboard they put the paperwork I needed to fill out into a pleather portfolio on cushy couches and recliners. They had a water tank with mugs and teas, but I don't like to put anything in my mouth until after a dentist appointment- that's why I always always do them before lunch.  Before I went into actual work area from the waiting lounge, the receptionist also used a webcam to take a photo of me for their records.

The x-rays were next- I felt a bit like a little kid as the woman kept saying "good job" and "there you go" as let her put the protective jackets on and then opened and bit down on command. They had a little rack with rainbow colors to hold my purse during this, and a little bowl to put my earrings. The ceiling has fluorescent lights like any other office, but had covers with blue skies and fluffy white clouds on top of them so that each rectangle looked like a skylight instead. The light by me even had dragonflies lined up on a string hanging down from the ceiling to the floor, and the corner where the woman got the protective covering for me during the x-rays was behind one of those curtains you often see in Japanese restaurants that only hang partway down from a doorway… except the pattern of this one was just plain blue, with one rabbit on it.

After the x-rays, she asked whether I wanted relaxing, rejuvenating, or purifying toner (I choose the later) which I rubbed into my hands, and then dipped into a paraffin treatment. It was nice, but at the same time I had my hands in plastic bags that were then covered by silk bags my entire appointment… I felt a bit helpless in the chair, ha ha. Since this wasn't a cleaning, just an initial consultation with the dentist, I didn't sit in the hygenist chairs which are apparently massage chairs. While I waited for my dentist, she put just a drop of arometherapy oils on my temples, and asked what music I wanted to hear from their iShuffle menus- jazz, classical, indie rock… and more, but I don't recall them all. I also got sunglasses so my eyes wouldn't get blinded by the dentist light, how clever! At the end after removing the paraffin and using a warm washcloth on my hands, I also got to choose from a large menu of lipglosses- I ended up with Hershey Chocolate.

The funniest thing for me though was the fact that everyone single person working in the office had an earpiece… when I was done talking to the dentist, I actually heard him walk away and into the microphone say "#4 is ready for checkout".



  1. Otter Mommy says:

    This is crazy!

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