Japanese Curry at Kale

Last week, I visited with a Foodie meetup group and had the Doria at Kalé. When you enter, you order at the counter one of their three kinds of entrees- the beef curry, the original (meatless), or the Doria. That’s it. They do curry, and that’s the speciality. The portions are traditional and adequate- so if you are looking for a huge American/Italian style heaping plate, reset your expectations.

The curry itself is almost like a thick gravy that also has chunk in it like onions, carrots, tomatoes, etc, which is served with Japanese rice- mix it all together! And, you can add some extras like egg, spinach, or what I recommend, more of their pickles as it adds a bit of extra bite to the savoryness of the curry.

Japanese curry, Kale

The Doria is your choice of either beef or original traditional curry which is then topped with parika and your choice of a sprinkle of shredded cheese:  mozzarella or cheddar or half/half like I did. This is then baked in the oven for 10 minutes, and they can only make three at a time (so you may have to wait if you are #4), and they will bring it to your table.

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The other two options they will put together right there and call your name to get it on the tray and you bring it to the table yourself. It’s a very simple place- the owner is there excited to explain Japanese curry at the register which definitely lends it charm. This space used to be the Japanese restaurant Bush Gardens- and the sushi bar is now the curry dish prep assemble and retrieve your curry workstation.

Then, after you order and retrieve your dish (unless you have to wait 10 minutes for your Doria), there are plenty of two-top and four-top tables along the side, as well as three tatami booths to sit in to eat your dish in a clean and very minimal decor- except for a few Japanese items along the wall, you might expect to see any kind of other food being served here for lunch. As you walk back towards the door, there are buckets for you to place your trash and dishes as he nods and appreciate you with his thanks as you walk out the door.

Currently Kalé is still applying for their liquor license, because I really wished I could have had just a little thing of sake to go with it all. Without any dessert offering, we went on to Pudding on the Rice in the South Park blocks for our bites of dessert (heh, more rice- but also patronizing two small local businesses with our group). Kalé has only been open a month, but while we were there we saw plenty of Japanese groups of college students come in and out for their hearty dinner: it really is a order, eat, and leave kind of place. Let’s see what Kalé grows up to be.


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