Japanese izakaya in Vancouver, B.C.

At Guu with Garlic… Ramune is awesome. I mixed it with ohsu and crushed strawberries for their “Cherry Blossom” drink.

The food was good too. The faves were the salmon carpaccio, fried chicken tendons, and the balls. We also got three orders of the chicken wings. The third one was a surprise- and is why we didn’t order another new dish. But, since we took the mistaken additional order, we helped out our poor trainee waiter who couldn’t keep up with the two waitresses. Poor guy looked traumatized and nervous. We felt almost like we were in an anime, where this was the scene of him being such a klutz and being afraid and frustrated but trying to brave through it with determination. I’m sure after his shift he would sit in a meadow looking at the moon exhausted and thoughtful, wiping the sweat from his brow where some girl with big eyes would find him and give him words of encouragement, ha ha.


And the almond tofu dessert truly was smooth and left me room for a taste of La Casa Gelato that unfortunately was not enjoyed by the other travelers I was with.


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