Korean food and Bertucci’s in Boston

Yes, I ate Asian food while I was in Boston, right before my trip to Asia. What about it? Here is a trip to Korean Garden, a really good Korean restaurant in Allston. Maybe the atmosphere is a bit chaotic and bare, but they have the food chops.

Pan-chan! All the little side dishes you get with Korean food (say kalbi like here), yay! Look how many there are!

My favorite dish there was the vegetable pan-jun- it was so fresh and crispy. Pan-jun is a crispy rice flour pancake made with assortment of finely chopped vegetables inside. Mmmmm. Best pan-jun ever for me. Usually they come out a bit soggy in the middle, crispy only on the edges… here it was crispy everywhere, well executed frying here. Look at that crispness, almost made me feel guilty like I was having fries or hash browns or other deep fried potato goodness.

My goal while I was working on Boston though was small: a pizza from Bertucci’s. My sister has been telling me about this for years, and except for some take-out once in her dorm which we had to stuff in before going to the airport, I hadn’t been able to experience it. I had to do take-out again this time, but since this carry out and not delivery I was pretty much able to eat it still really fresh. It was really good during the call in my hotel room and even the next day cold… This one is the “Carmine” I was recommended, with Fresh mozzarella balls, Romano cheese and caramelized onions with roasted tomato sauce.


From Album Adventures of Pech 2010

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