Mother’s Day Tea and Cake with Smith Teamaker

Looking for a low key event to celebrate Mother’s Day beyond brunch? Smith Teamaker is hosting a special Mother’s Day Tea and Cake event on Sunday May 8th, offering cake by Tiffany Howard from Oh Honey Bakes with their delicious Smithmaker teas. There will be seatings every hour from 10 AM – 2 PM at the Smith Teamaker Headquarters /SE Tasting Room at 110 SE Washington St. For $25, each Mother’s Day Tea and Cake seating ticket includes 2 slices of cake and a tea pot for two.

The cake will be a Jasmine Silver Tip infused cake layered with macerated raspberries and topped with a chocolate ganache and covered with a raspberry buttercream. Smith Teamaker Head Teamaker, Tony Tellin, has selected three Smith teas to pair with this cake, and the full tea menu will be still be available to make your own selections.

Mother's Day Tea and Cake - Smith Teamaker and Oh Honey Bakes team up on May 8th, 2016

Even after the pot of tea, consider adding on a flight of tea to try more since you’re already at the tasting room. Or, if you’re overstuffed from brunch and need a pick me up, add on a tea latte. The location is also a store so feel free to purchase some to take the experience back home (and perhaps share with other fellow moms – friends, sisters, more moms and aunts and grandmoms…). I’ve always admired the impressively elegant and classic design of the tea boxes they have for their teabags,  and they are light to carry or ship.

Tony Tellin showing off how teas can be be created from a lot of different ingredients in order to get the particular perfect balance of flavor Smith Teamaker Maker's Series No. 003 Phuket Fire with collaborator Gregory Gourdet of Departure

Smith Teamaker Head Teamaker, Tony Tellin showing off how teas can be be created from a lot of different ingredients in order to get the particular perfect balance of flavor

My personal favorite is to get growlettes of their tea on tap – with flavors like Masala Chai and Strawberry Honeybush, it’s more unique then the normal lemonades, regular iced teas, or punches for a get together where you want to offer a non-alcoholic drink.

You can reserve your time slot for the Mother’s Day Tea and Cake at the Smith Teamaker website.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?



  1. That cake looks delicious! I’m not a mom, and my mother just passed away a few weeks ago. I think for Mother’s Day, I’m just going to sleep in!

  2. What a fun event – The cake looks absolutely amazing and I love Smith Teamaker!

  3. The new Smith Tea space is awesome!!! I have no doubt this will be a wonderful event.

  4. What a great idea for Mother’s Day! And that cake looks amazing…

  5. My goodness, that cake looks so delicious, sweet and girly — perfect for the holiday!

    This Mother’s Day we 4 are going on a legit hike, though I haven’t done the research to figure out where. We’re breaking out the big hiking backpack and will see how far our preschooler can hike on her own!

    • That sounds like something to definitely document in a lot of photos! I hope you don’t end up carrying both the backpack and the preschooler though!

  6. So… how much for the WHOLE cake? Because I would totally buy all of that cake!! What a fun event. I think we’re going wine tasting on Mother’s Day and finding someplace to eat out in wine country. Really, it’s just because we haven’t had a chance to pick up any of our spring club wines yet and it’s the only day we have semi-open, not because it’s Mother’s Day 😉

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