Negroni Week in PDX

Once summer hits Portland, it’s seemingly non stop activities and festivals. Here’s a round up of events happening in June that I personally wish to highlight – it is not the full list of goings on, that’s for sure! You will read highlights for Negroni Week June 5-11 today, and then for tomorrow I have a post with highlights of Portland Beer Week happening June 8-18. Then you’ll see on Wednesday I’ll share photos from last year’s Sake PDX Festival, which is coming up on June 21. And there’s Oregon Cider Week (June 15-25), PDX Margarita Festival (June 17) , and then the beer festivals of Portland International Beer Festival (June 23-25) and Kriekfest (June 24)! All these events are just running into each other back to back this month! But for now, let’s look at Negroni Week in PDX.

Negroni Week

There are more then 100 venues in Portland that are participating in the annual Imbibe Magazine’s Negroni Week which this year is June 5-June 11, 2017. This is a week-long celebration of Negroni (a classic cocktail using Gin, Campari, Vermouth, Orange Peel, though you will find variations on bar menus as well) and an effort to raise money for charities around the world. From 2013 to 2016, Negroni Week grew from about 100 participating venues to 6,000 venues around the world, and to date, they have collectively raised nearly $900,000 for charitable causes.
Ken's Artisan Pizza offers 6 cocktails now as part of their limited, curated cocktail offerings. This is the Negroni with Aria Gin, Cocchi Torino, Campari, and orange skin
Enter your zip code to see who is participating near you, but some stops I am considering (generally selected because I think they have a great bar scene, or an intriguing Negroni Week special, an/or opportunity for some delicious bar bites along with your Negroni) include

  • Altabira – Located next to the convention center with an outdoor balcony so you can enjoy the sunset while looking west to Portland’s downtown skyline. Their Negroni special is unique: they are doing a Negroni style shandy version topped with Ecliptic Peach Sour Ale. Their charity is the Surfrider Foundation.
  • Bible Club – A late 1800s/early 1900s speakeasy atmosphere that is suave and classy. Their charity is the Helen David Relief Fund.
  • Departure – How could you not want to enjoy a cocktail and the views at this downtown high rise balcony? Their charity is No Kid Hungry.
  • Expatriate – The fun mashup of Northwest and Asian flavors into weird but bold food combos that work to enjoy with your Negroni – order Mini  Chinese Corn Sausage Dogs or Crab Paste with Corn Noodles, or elegant James Beard onion and butter sandwiches, or if you come early or late enough those Wonton Nachos.  Their charity is the Surfrider Foundation.
  • Headwaters – Their Negroni Special uses Strawberry-Basil infused Campari, done. Their charity is Outside In.
  • Imperial – I recommend getting their Parker Roll to go with your Negroni, I think the sweetness of the roll with their salted butter will go nicely with their Negroni version which will also feature some honey harvested from their rooftop beehive. Their charity is the Oregon Food Bank.
    Imperial PDX Parker House Roll
  • Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Ken’s Artisan Pizza has a very limited bar and all of it is devoted to Italian cocktails of negroni, americanos, and aperol spritzers  (you can read more about it on my blog post here) so you know they’ll be serving it right. Their charity is Helen David Relief Fund.
    Ken's Artisan Pizza, 12
  • LaFittes – They may be brand new to the Portland bar scene, but I lvoe the atmosphere here and the bartenders are incredible – I highlighted them recently in a post last month, so here’s an excuse to visit. Their Negron special also utilizes Smoked tea infused gin. Their charity is Helen David Relief Fund.
  • La Moule – Offering three Negroni speials, including one with green coffee Campari ad Jacobsen Sea Salt saline. Their charity is Autism Speaks.
  • Laurelhurst Market – One of the secrets about Laurelhurst Market is that they have a great space by their bar that includes roll up windows and an outdoor patio, and I love this seating area better then their restaurant area to order cocktails and the best steaks in Portland. Their charity is Mercy Corp.
  • LeChon – I’m not sure why the restaurant still seems like a hidden secret – their food and bar menus are spectacular, and I’ve raved and shared photos from them before. Their charity is Inspire Artistic Minds.
    LeChon Shrimp Ceviche with pickled pineapple, cucumber, pink peppercorn; Crab Mozzarella Humita with pea puree and salsa criolla; and Fried Sweet Corn Empanadas with caramelized onions and fontina cheese
  • Little Bird Bistro – I recommend getting their double brie burger or their roasted marrow bones or chicken liver mousse, though honestly everything is on point here – I’m pretty much definitely going to stop here for Negroni week so look for my Instagram shortly! Their charity is Outside In.
  • Multnomah Whiskey Library – there may be a wait to get in, but it’s worth it for the knowledge and experience – just know you will not be able to resist ordering more then the Negroni from this venerable bar. Their charity is No Kid Hungry.
    Multnomah Whiskey Library atmosphere
  • Nostrana – Great Italian food, easy parking since they have a parking lot right in front of them, and offering three Negroni specials! Their charity is Oregon Food Bank.
  • Ox – Besides their delicious grilled Argentinean style meats, Ox also recently launched in their parking lot (starting Tuesday) a summertime pop-up devoted to Argentine-style choripan sandwiches. Their charity is WILD Foundation.
  • Park Kitchen is a Portland classic, having celebrated 13 years already and still going strong. You can never go wrong with the Chickpea fries with roasted squash ketchup here, but definitely check out what other seasonal items they may be offering. When I visited recently a couple weeks ago I was smitten with their Hunter’s style duck sausage with Anthony’s grits, rapini, pickled ramps. Their charity is Slow Food International.
    Park Kitchen Chickpea fries with roasted squash ketchup Park Kitchen Hunter’s style duck sausage with Anthony’s grits, rapini, pickled ramps
  • Pollo Bravo in Pine Street Market- a great choice if you are coming with family and friends who have variant taste as everyone can pick something from the many vendors here varying from burgers to pizza to the excellent rotisserie chicken or what I think is one of the best burgers in Portland (it’s at Toro Bravo, but Pollo Bravo also offers the Bravo Burger) at Pollo Bravo. Their charity is Outside In.
    Pollo Bravo Mary's Rotisserie Chicken, Quarter Bird with choice of one sauce You can grab the Bravo Burger at Pollo Bravo too, a burger with manchego. romesco. smoked bacon
  • Quaintrelle – One of the best bars in Portland, and certainly the most aesthetically pleasing with their garnish game. The food here is so farm to table and I’ve raved about them in a post before. Their charity is Share Cancer Support.
  • Raven and Rose Rookery – I’ve always loved the feel of the downstairs restaurant and the upstairs Rookery bar of this historic carriage house plus upstairs there’s a pool table. They serve English style food here, and their Negroni specials – two – will have one inspired by Portland and one inspired by London. Their charity is Slow Food International.
  • Rue – Offering two Negroni Specials, one uses Strawberry Rhubarb infused Dolin Blanc whiel the other that I’m drooling at uses Miracle Mile Chocolate Chili Bitters, Scrappys Cardomom Bitters, Bittermans Tiki Bitters, and Stumptown Cold Brew. Their charity is New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.
  • Renata – They always consistently have Negroni love with their Negronis flight offering on their bar menu, and if you visit on Thursday you can have their risotto finished in a cheese wheel I wrote about last week. Their charity is WILD Foundation.
  • Superbite – and neighbor Kask which opens slightly earlier and is more bar then restaurant while Superbite is more restaurant- are great stops on the West Side for your Negroni. Enjoy intense 1-2 bites of food (I’m a fan of their Duck Croquette a L’Orange with crispy duck rillette and tangerine aioli) with your beverage at both locations, or their spicy Fried Cauliflower Plate or their juicy double stack cheeseburger with grilled ground beef and mushrooms, cheddar and fontina cheeses on the two patties, and garnished with fancy sauce reminiscent almost of a Big Mac. Their charity is WILD Foundation.
    Superbite Happy Hour item of Duck Croquette a L'Orange with crispy duck rillette and tangerine aioli Superbite Happy Hour item Double Stack Cheeseburger with grilled ground beef and shitake, cheddar and fontina cheeses on the two patties, fancy sauce, dill pickle, onion, sesame seed bun
  • Urban Farmer – get your 24 oz Painted Hills, Oregon, grain-finished, bone-in Ribeye  to share or enjoy a New York Steak Tasting flight of 3 steaks (I always recommend both of these here!) with your Negroni. Their charity is No Kid Hungry.
    steaks, Urban Farmer, Portland Oregon steaks, Urban Farmer, Portland Oregon
  • Urdaneta – Featuring pinxtos which are bold bites of Basque food (sorta similar to tapas) and which seems to still be a hidden gem in Portland for no reason because they are outstanding (see some highlights on my post here). Their charity is Oregon Food Bank.



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