Photos from visits to Cascade, and loving the Glueh Kriek

Sometimes, on a rainy cold day, I just really want a warm, comforting drink. Hot chocolate is too rich. Mulled wine takes too long. Oh, I’ll go to Cascade Brewing Barrel House and get their Glueh Kriek. Cascade Brewing’s Glueh Kriek (spice mulled Kriek) 7%ABV is an oak aged blend of Bing and Sour pie cherry sour red ales steeped on spices fresh from Grenada and wild flower honey, served with a slice of orange at 160 degrees. Mmmm, hugs from my lips and tastebuds to a loved and cozy feeling in my chest. I feel loved, and I love this beer right back.

And maybe I’ll taste some of their new NW style sour beers while I’m there. I can’t believe that within the past 4 years, I went to not even knowing sour beers existed to sometimes having a craving for one. Thanks Portland for the education. That said, I am not an extreme sour fan- I won’t be drinking pickling brine or eating sour patch kids- but I don’t mind a little bit,  just like a nice puckering from a good squeeze of lemon or lime. So thank you Cascade for standing strong and proud in specializing in producing sour beers and changing all of our minds on what is possible with beer. Just look at all the flavors combinations there- and those change out! Tuesday is “Tap it Tuesday” where at Cascade Brewing Barrel House they will tap a new keg every week.

So, I was sad that the Honey Ginger Lime (7.5%ABV NW style sour honey rye ale barrel aged for 8 months and then ginger and lime zest was added) was gone by my next visit… but among their 16 taps and then 2 casks and the Blenders Reserve taps there we also a few new beers… You are only allowed to have two tasters at a time, so come with friends to share… or stay for a couple hours.

They change out the specials weekly, but somehow I have fallen into a routine where I always order the Duet, a combination platter of charcuterie and cheese. F usually ends up with soup and hummus: but even the hummus is special here!


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