Pine State Biscuit at the Farmer’s Market- pron pic of the Reggie

Ah, Pine State Biscuit. You tempestuous guilty pleasure of a too rich breakfast that can get scarfed down in 10 minutes it’s so delicious, even though it contains probably half my calorie allotment for the whole day.

Get thee there to the Pine State Biscuit tent at the Portland Farmers Market on Saturday by noonish- they always sell out to the lunchtime crowd of shoppers so 1pm is probably too late, unless you go on a lucky day (like I had yesterday) where the market wasn’t as crowded- perhaps everyone was at Pinot in the City or the Belmont Area Street Fair.

I had my order in a mere 7 minutes or so, with only a handful of people in line before me. Of course, you can also go to one of their two brick and mortar locations- that way you can go at a more flexible time for your schedule. I prefer the Farmers Market so I can picnic enjoy it in the Park Blocks as a pre-reward for carrying the farmers market goodies back up the hill to the house.

They sure work hard at that little stand on Saturday- they have physical locations now but still dish this yumminess up the original way on Saturday at the Portland Farmers Market, and manage the inevitable crowds amazingly. The dude multitasks admirably while executing the food- frying eggs in a pan, meanwhile, there are two pots of gravy (mushroom or sausage) to stir, and the bubbling cauldron of fried chicken on the right… all this in the 7 minutes it took to get my Reggie. Faster and better than any fast food breakfast or wait-for-brunch-joint can pull off- thanks Pine State Biscuit for the quickie and super satisfying breakfast/lunch.

Pine State Biscuit at the Farmers MarketPine State Biscuit at the Farmers MarketPine State Biscuit at the Farmers Market

If you want to enjoy the biscuit, as I have recommended before, I like to get it simply with pimento cheese and let the butteryness of the biscuit play with the smooth bite of the spread.  Or use it as a means to get their savory gravy. That slathering of every bit of pimento cheese or generous pour of gravy makes it because the biscuit can be a bit too flaky dry.

But they have an awesome fresh fried chicken, which brings me to the Reggie. It is so awesome I cannot do it justice in explaining how the fluffy but firm biscuit and savory meaty gravy sauce and crisp and moist still hot from the fryer chicken and salt of the thick bacon all swirl together and are heavenly on your tastebuds. This is the star of Pine State Biscuits. Pine State Biscuit’s Reggie: Fried chicken, bacon & cheese topped with gravy between a buttermilk biscuit O.O Look at that chicken, look at that beckoning bacon

Pine State Biscuit at the Farmers Market, Reggie sandwich: Fried chicken, bacon & cheese topped with gravy between a buttermilk biscuit


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