Recently: a visit to Breakside Brewery

A good thing I wasn’t starving when we came for dinner and beer at Breakside Brewery, since it took very very long for us to get any food- even the appetizers we had ordered 20 minutes ago when we sat down and before we had even ordered beer. We were getting refills of beer and wondering where in the world were our Rogue Smokey Blue Waffle Fries.

These waffle fries smothered in blue cheese dressing and Rogue Smokey blue cheese crumbles were wonderfully crisp and tasty when they did appear, if you are visiting Breakside for beer you will find room for these I think.

The mac and cheese was also tasty- it comes in three versions. All three have the base of oven roasted tomatoes, White Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheeses, but you can ask for it “Carnivore” with Zenner’s Andouille Sausage and topped with bacon, “Herbivore” with asparagus and zucchini, or “Omnivore” for a little bit of both the carnivore and herbivore. The one pictured is Herbivore.

The Lovely Pork Belly Sandwich is slow cooked with soy, brown sugar, leeks, ginger, and anise and topped with a little too much fresh fennel and carrot slaw. Lardo has spoiled me with their pork belly cut though this wasn’t a bad cut…¬†and I like slaw but I would like taste along with the crunchy texture- like how Le Pigeon and Little Bird dress their slaw with vinaigrette on their burger. The bun here is too soft and doesn’t help hold the sandwich together. The waffle fries here (without the blue cheese which you can get for $2 extra) were just as crispy as the appetizer. This means, always get waffle fries here.

At least the beer easy really interesting. The Aztec Ale was their take on an American strong ale and brewed with honey malt, cocoa, and a mix of Serrano and Habanero chiles. Meanwhile, the Gruit they have has a touch of spicy curry- not too spicy, more like an English Indian kind of curry touch at the end. Both had a nice kick in flavor thanks to that undercurrent of spice.


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