National Pie Day, and other Food Holidays

Did you know that January 23 is National Pie Day, World Spay Day, and Community Manager Appreciation Day? Or damn, that January 21 was National Squirrel Appreciation Day? Do you go on social media and only just find out that way that it’s National Pizza Day, or National Pet Day, and then are on the fly searching for a photo of your favorite slice or kitty or your backyard squirrel to share to celebrate?
Annie Portlock of Annie Pies offered 3 mini pies at Feast PDX 2016 Go Get You Some Picnic: here are the Honey Lime Coconut (honey shortbread, honey lime coconut cream, whip, toasted coconut, lime zest Pacific Pie mini pies

Yeah, me too. I’m a little bitter about the squirrel one too, I totally would have if I knew it was a holiday on Sunday.
Squirrel, photo by Pechluck Laskey

Recently, I got introduced to this new site called National Today which allows you to browse by topic (say Food holidays, which I definitely care about as a rationalization to eat or throw a food themed meal), or by Cause, Health, Ethnic, etc.) if you have certain interests, or by month, or what holiday today or tomorrow may include. You can also just browse by the calendar in case you just want to pick a day and see if there’s a particular theme that comes up to celebrate that day. I appreciate all the kinds of flexibility the site provides. At National Today besides the main business of cluing me into each month’s holiday, they also give some fun holiday history, facts or helpful deals related to the holiday.
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