Ecliptic Brewery’s Food

Ecliptic Brewery‘s is one of my top recommendations for where to have great beer and food in Portland along with my other top picks like┬áLa Moule, Higgins (which I’ve highlighted before in a blog post), Saraveza (which I’ve written about before), and Ex Novo. When founding Ecliptic, experienced brewer John Harris specifically wanted to make sure that the food he served wasn’t just around because it’s the law to have food available – he wanted to make sure it matched well with the beer to provide good complimentary and contrasting flavors. The menu of beer and food proves that with its variety of beer available and food available. Everything I’ve had at Ecliptic has always been good, which makes me confident in recommending Ecliptic Brewery’s Food and Beer as among my top 5 in Portland. In particular, they have the best selection of food options if you are vegetarian.
Ecliptic Brewery's vegetarian/vegan option to their burgers - this Farro Burger with a wheat-garlic patty, tahini, arugula, spicy pickled carrots
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