Summer Stitch Fix

My summer stitch fix was a great box – I thought it really provided pieces that fit my personal style, and the only reason I didn’t keep the entire box were nitpicky things and also because I LOVE summer dresses and additionally have purchased like a dozen other summer tops and dresses already – and it just turned June.

I am not sponsored or paid in anyway to share this box: I just really enjoy how the service provides me great clothing statement pieces that I always get compliments on and are unique instead of what everyone can find at the same stores locally.

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August Stitch Fix Review

It’s been a hot summer – as of this posting, we have been breaking records with 27? days over 90 degrees F – and not that those days in the 80s don’t still feel pretty warm. I started a new job around mid-June, and for my Stitch Fix box I requested items that could help me be comfortable in the heat but help me get out of the rut of sundresses that once I get into the office I have to throw a cardigan over since they are strappy.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription service personalized for you. You go online and they ask you question to get an information on your size as well as your preferences in style. Then, based on all that and any optional notes or Pinterest boards you give, a stylist will pick out 5 pieces to ship to you that are mailed to your home for your consideration for a $20 styling fee which is credited toward any clothing purchase – return in a prepaid mailing package what you don’t want.

Here is what I got for my August Stitch Fix:

Abella Maxi Dress

Abella Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Abella Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix, August 2015
This dress doesn’t look like much when I first unfolded it and put it on the hanger. But, part of the whole purpose of Stitch Fix is to try it on in the comfort of your own home with no one there to see you, no need to carry anything from the dressing room, and it’s something a stylist thought would work – so I should trust her and give it a try.

I was really surprised when I tried it on – it is super super comfy – like wearing pajamas comfy. But, it is also stylish because of a tie detail by the front I hadn’t noticed at first that lets you tighten it in to give some definition, and on both sides of the legs there are slits that also give a flash of leg/skin so it’s not just a typical maxi dress. If there was ever a fire and I had to quickly get some clothes on at night, and I might be wearing it for 24 hours as things were figured out, I would choose this dress.

And, most maxi dresses are long on me since I’m only 5’2″- so long that I have to wear heels, and it may still be almost at the floor. This dress is comfortably at my ankles, which itself is a big deal for me. All the above helped justify the cost of the dress, which I think was on the pricier side for a maxi dress (about 2x a normal maxi at a store).

I kept the dress.

Elyott Dress

Elyott Dress from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Elyott Dress from Stitch Fix, August 2015
At first, this dress looks like a basic black dress with white polka dots. The cut of the dress is very flattering in how well it follows my shoulders and is cut close to my top, but then flares out nicely to hide flaws from the waist on. And, it is actually a dark grey dress with white flowery dots. Looking in my closet, it made me realize I don’t have a polka dotty basic dress (though I have plenty of black/white flower pattern apparently) and I like that it can be styled for many seasons and in fun ways or more office or even cocktail occasions.

I kept the dress.

Stana Pleated Blouse

Stana Pleated Blouse from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Stana Pleated Blouse from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Stana Pleated Blouse from Stitch Fix, August 2015
This was my favorite of the offerings of the box because it has a combination of edginess from the black and white pattern but it’s also soft with the pleats and transparency of the flowy material. I know I can wear this to work now as is with jeans or pants or black skirts, but easily wear this into every other season as well layered with cardigans. And, I like that unlike some of my other Stitch Fix boxes where I had blouses that I had to layer tanks on, this is one that works on its own or that I can layer other things on top but finally I don’t need to keep pulling from my tank drawer with something underneath!

I kept the blouse – I wore it just a few days later after receiving the box!

Cadez Crew Neck Blouse

Cadez Crew Neck Blouse from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Cadez Crew Neck Blouse from Stitch Fix, August 2015
As soon as I saw the pattern I was already on the fence. I like the colors, but then there’s something somehow 8-bit about it with the edges. Then, when I tried it on the fit was fine- but then F pointed out that he could still see my bra and that it wasn’t work appropriate. I know there are people out there who create outfits where it is ok to see the bra – but I’m not that type of person (I tend to only have nude or black bras to even try to blend in the straps if I can) and F hates it, so this is going back. But, with a nice black bra and without my/F’s hang-up I can see how this could be a versatile piece.

I didn’t keep the blouse.

Stanyan V-Neck Knit Top

Stanyan V-Neck Knit Top from Stitch Fix, August 2015 Stanyan V-Neck Knit Top from Stitch Fix, August 2015
I was torn between how I felt about this. It was very soft and I liked the detail at the shoulder and arms. But the main portion of horizontal stripes was boxy on me. Ultimately, I decided for the price it wasn’t worth it for me in terms of how comfortable it is, the fit, and how unique it is (or in this case, not unique enough) from what I can find on my own that it’s worth adding to my closet.

I didn’t keep the top.

My next Stitch Fix is scheduled for after my busy September of Feast and GABF trips, and my October trip to Sante Fe. I requested clothes that I can travel with for my trip to Japan in December that won’t wrinkle! If you you want to see my previous boxes, check out my last one in March and also my favorite matches from 14 boxes post.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? What are your thoughts on the pieces I got above?

What has been your favorite piece if you are a fellow Stitch-Fixer? If you are not a Stitch Fixer, and are thinking of trying it, would you mind using this referral link that gives me a small credit? And, then become Stitch Fix friends with me!