Kachka Maslenitsa Brunch

Kachka celebrated Maslenitsa with a one time brunch a few months ago on Feb. 26th, 2017. Maslenitsa is a Russian folk holiday that marks the end of winter. During Maslenitsa, or “Butter Week,” large, round blini made with butter (similar to pancakes) are eaten to symbolize the round, golden sun that arrives with spring. So Kachka’s Maslenitsa special brunch was focused on blini, served with a bounty of traditional sweet and savory accompaniments. The $45 per person for the Kachka Maslenitsa Brunch included coffee, tea and a “vitamin shot” as well with proceeds going towards for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon.

I’m a huge fan of Kachka – it’s always among the top restaurants I recommend to visitors here and whenever they have a special event I am among the first there (see last year during the Horseradish Vodka bottle launch and the ensuing Bloody Mary Crawl). Throw in it being for a good cause and I was among the first to buy tickets. It’s finally starting to feel like spring now that we are getting more sun breaks between the rain (and hail… :O ), and that reminded me that I need to share these photos on my blog for posterity (they were already on my Instagram @pechluck, where you can get a faster scoop if you follow me there). But Instagram posts aren’t easily searchable and I want this to be, so here’s a look at the sweet and savory accompaniments that I got to enjoy.

Guests were welcomed to the Kachka brunch celebrating Maslenitsa with a vitamin shot called Triple Sunrise with horseradish vodka, apple juice, beet juice, and celery bitters, and then given a crudite plate with dill butter

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