A Winter dinner at Oven and Shaker

So I’ve already raved about their savory Wild Fennel sausage pizza with potato, tomato, chilies, scallions, smoked mozzarella, and their heavenly Bianca cheese pizza topped with teleme, truffled sottocenere, bufala mozzarella, and fried sage. These two are regulars all year round. The brussels sprouts pizza is part of their winter menu, replacing what during the summer included the smoky and tangy Cauliflower pizza I had with roasted cauliflower, mozzarella, provolone, olive, spring onion, Mama Lil’s chlies, and crumbled salami.

See, I haven’t even shown you what I ate yet and you probably already want to go to Oven and Shaker.

This time I will roll my eyes back as I bite into their Brussels sprout pizza. After seeing I Love to Eat, it was only a block away to Oven and Shaker, and I had no problem waiting the 15 minutes or so until their dinner menu began to be served (this was perfect for vegetarian F who immediately ordered off the Happy Hour menu). He started with the salad of Semplice with spring greens, fennel, carrots, scallions, pear, red wine vinaigrette, a nice starter if you don’t want the heavier Nostana salad. He also ordered from the Happy Hour menu the Margarita pizza which had lots of tangy tomato sauce.

Oven and Shaker salad Oven and Shaker margarita pizza

I will also sip these beautiful new cocktails they offer. The Caribbean Snowflake with 2 oz Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, 1/4 oz St Elizabeth All Spice Dram, 1/2 oz freshly pressed lime juice,. 1 oz freshly pressed grapefruit juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 1 small egg white, and silver flake sparkled before my eyes and as I sipped it, I think it also added sparkles to my eyes too.

Oven and Shaker cocktail Oven and Shaker cocktail

IĀ also loved the Pisco Noir with 7 fresh blackberries and 2 oz Capel Pisco, 1/2 oz Green Chartreuse, 3/4 oz freshly pressed lime juice, 3/4 oz simple syrup and 1 small egg white with its dark berry and citrus flavor. Ok, I admit maybe my eye wandered a few times to the Pepper Smash and Lost Cosmopolitan cocktails at the table over, but I wasn’t cheating. I was reminiscing and admiring beauty.

Oven and Shaker cocktail

And I loved you most of all, Brussels Sprouts pizza with brussels sprouts, bacon, robiola, pecorino, a mix of flavors of the leafy shreds of brussels sprout and salty bacon and creamy robiola. I had to force myself to stop eating you all up because I totally good you are so delicious, but I wanted to wrap you up to go so I could have some more of you later. I have to stop looking at you now or I will go pull you out of the fridge even though I told myself you are a reward after going to the gym. Miss you already, brussels sprouts pizza.

Oven and Shaker brussels sprout pizza Oven and Shaker brussels sprout pizza



  1. Mark Albert says:

    Brussels sprout pizza? That’s a novel idea of how to serve one of my favorite vegetables. It surely seems and looks delicious and makes me want to try it out, … or just bake it at home thanks to your detailed list of ingredients.

  2. I think this would definitely be something you can try at home. Of course it won’t have the smoky taste of a wood fired oven if you don’t have one at home, but hey, it can still be plenty yummy…

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