A Recap of Feast Night Market 2017

I gave you a little hint with my My Highlights of Feast 2017 post previously, but here’s a more in depth look of the fantastic dishes of Feast Night Market 2017 this year. I’m a huge fan of Night Market because of the festive atmosphere punctuated by Latin music that keeps you dancing as you enjoy some food that often throws in a little heat (spicy heat that is!) and wash it down with a tequila base drink (or wine, or beer, or whatever else you’d like).
Recap of Feast Night Market 2017: At the Thomas & Sons Distillery booth at Feast Night Market 2017, guests could check out Hellfire & Rhinestone, Bluebird Alpine Liqueur, Smoke Spirit, Pineapple Gomme + Lemon +Tamarind, Blackened Lemon Recap of Feast Night Market 2017: Derek McCarthy, Arrosto brings Trino del Pollo
The location of Zidell Yards means you should have appropriate footwear for the gravel ground, but the colors of the sunset with views of the Tillikum Crossing Bridge which then lights up and reflects against the Willamette River is a wonderful way to end the evening. There are chefs that are local as well as from other cities, which is a great chance to try the cuisine of these chefs without the travel costs to those cities. And, although there is a list of chefs for the event, you may find even more bites as chefs are also there working with sponsors offering additional bites! You will definitely get full.

Recap of Feast Night Market 2017: Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted offered Crab Rangoon with sweet and sour sauce Recap of Feast Night Market 2017: Breville presents Jasper Chen from XLB with Shrimp Toast with a scallion cilantro dipping sauce

And, it’s all for a good cause – net proceeds of Feast Portland will be donated to our charitable partner, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. That total 2017 festival donation amount will be announced by November. Be sure to mark your calendars for the seventh year of Feast Portland, September 13-16, 2018 – the tickets will go on sale a few months before that and Night Market will probably sell out again so make sure you are ready to purchase your tickets when they go on sale!
Brooke Bass, Night Market at Feast Portland 2015 Night Market at Feast 2017, photo by Alan Weiner
Photos: Night Market at Feast Portland 2015, photo by Brooke Bass; Night Market at Feast 2017, photo by Alan Weiner
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