Wares at the Zipper – Brunch Specials

Did you know Mother’s Day, Easter, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season are the busiest brunch days of the year? With Easter this weekend I thought I’d highlight an under the radar brunch option that requires no reservations or waiting in long lines – so its already a winner even when its a regular brunch and not just high brunch time. And with, that, let me highly recommend brunch at Wares at the Zipper.

That’s right Smallwares is back! After shuttering and causing much sadness, Smallwares was able to emerge as a smaller microrestaurant concept now called Wares. They’ve brought back many favorites, from the signature bright red shelves to loved dishes from their regular menu and their brunch menu. Here’s a look at Wares, and I have been especially going for their Brunch Specials. No line to get seated or to order – Just go up and order, get a number for your food order, and go find a seat yourself among many open tables (so far it’s been indoors but soon it’ll be al fresco brunch at their outdoor patio!) and wait for yummies!

Entrance to Wares at the Zipper Menu board and more description of items on paper menus at Wares at the Zipper

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