Portland Pop Up Restaurant List 2017

Updated August 1, 2017

It’s difficult to track pop-ups: they often change up when they are open and where they might appear. Depending on the season, they may close down for a while – and if you don’t pay attention to their social media you could miss when they come back from their sabbatical, while others move on to other ventures. All have limited capacity so if you don’t jump on reservations quickly you are out of luck until the next event.

That means following lots of things on social media or being on several mailing list to become informed immediately when an announcement for a meal event is made with the when, where, etc.  Despite the work, pop up restaurants are often your chance to try great cuisine and meet amazing chefs, as the lineage of pop ups alumni that have now settled into homes like Holdfast Dining, Nodoguro, Langbaan, Coquine, and Nomad PDX are proof.

Eater PDX has published my list of Best Portland Pop Ups and Supper Clubs and you can see it here: the only ones listed below are ones not on that published list or I have my own link so you can read my experience with it on a blog post as I removed those for the Eater article. [Read more…]