Valentine’s Day Inspired Recipes using Strawberries

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I wanted to reshare some recipes from the past that you might want to consider for a Valentine’s Day with Strawberries. Well, you could use any of these for a Valentine’s Night date, or any date night, at home. I usually go into intense strawberry mode later in the spring/early summer when the intense Hood strawberries appear, but this time of year supermarkets seem to really want to push strawberries too and after walking by them so many times I ultimately cannot resist one of the sale priced big red berries.

Some of the offerings at the Hollywood Farmers market on Saturdays - Sea Scape Strawberries

F doesn’t like going out for Valentine’s Day – the hype is too much, and what says true love more then coming home and being in your comfy pjs snuggling and not worrying about PDA as we share a bottle of bubbly with candles and a home cooked meal? I don’t make all of these as it’s too much strawberry for us and perhaps half our meal is the bubbly – though I guess I’m prepared for a Strawberry themed Iron Chef if called to it.

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