March 2015 Stitch Fix review

I was surprised as I opened up my box of Stitch Fix to see at the top that my March 2015 box was Stitch Fix #15. Thanks to Stitch Fix, for the past year I’ve now spent less time wandering between and inside stores every season to see what I might want to add to my wardrobe to keep it fresh. During this time while subtracting my shopping time they have been  adding the times I have received compliments on some of my outfits because they have unique stand out pieces. And, the stylists have challenged me to try things and find out I like them, even though I would have never thought to even pick it up from a hanger – but once I try it on, I discover a new love!
Stitch Fix #15 March 2015

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription service personalized for you. You go online and they ask you questions, including showing you images of various outfits, to get an information on your size as well as your preferences in style. If you’d like you can also make a Pinteret board of fashion inspirations for the stylists to also check out and get an idea of what you like.
Stitch Fix Style Profile questions Stitch Fix Style Profile questions

Then, based on that, a stylist will pick out 5 pieces to ship to you that are mailed to your home. There is a $20 styling fee that is applied to your order as soon as the box is shipped to your home. You can choose whether you want to exclude anything (such as outerwear or jewelry or certain colors), or ask for certain things (I wanted pieces that were not too casual that I couldn’t wear them to a business casual office). You also get to choose how often you get your Stitch Fix boxes – monthly, quarterly, on demand if you want your Fix sooner or at a certain time because of an event.
Stitch Fix scheduling

Then, in the comfort of your own home with real mirrors and normal light and while looking/working it out with your own clothes already in your closet, you can try everything on and decide to keep any, all,  or none of the pieces in your Stitch Fix box. A $20 styling fee is charged when the biz first ships, but is credited  to the cost of the clothing if you do purchase anything, and if you purchase everything in the box you get 25% off.  If you return anything, there is already a postage paid envelope in the package and you will not be charged anything besides the styling fee. The most important part is to always leave feedback when you check out, whether you like or don’t like an article they have sent, so that the stylists understand what went wrong/right and can adjust accordingly. That’s how you get successful Stitch Fix boxes. Here is what I got in my March Stitch Fix:
Stitch Fix #15 March 2015 Stitch Fix #15 March 2015 Stitch Fix #15 March 2015

I don’t have a photo of the Henry & Belle Abana Skinny Jean – it’s just a black pair of jeans that have a good stretchy factor. They are more expensive then I would like, so usually I would have sent them back except that they also are high waisted. A lot of my jeans sit at my waist, so the fact these look hip but are not mommy jeans but tuck me in is appreciated. Then the fact with the simple black color these jeans could even pass possibly as pants felt like a good addition to my wardrobe. I hate jeans shopping, and so I debated in my mind whether I was willing to pay a little bit more than I normally would in order to trade off not going to multiple stores and trying on multiple jeans in the dressing room, and the addition of black jeans. Yes, I am willing to pay a little more to not go through wondering if jeans will go up my hips or button/zip fully.

When I first pulled saw the Honey Punch Ana Marie Mixed Material Top, I didn’t really like the pattern as it seems so preppie and conservative, and it requires I wear this a specific smooth bra as it shows bra lines easily and I have a weird thing with that. But, then I felt the shirt- it feels so incredibly soft, like a well loved well worn jersey knit T-shirt. I can wear it to work or casually. Sold, keeping.
Honey Punch Ana Marie Mixed Material Top from my March 2015 Stitch Fix -"Honey

I think I squealed after I pulled this Yumi Mckinley Printed Dress out of the box. I looooove it! The color is great for spring, the little bird pattern is adorable and very Portland, and the material is nice and thick, which is great since the spring weather is still pretty chilly in the morning and evenings. Love it! Love it so much!
Yumi Mckinley Printed Dress from my March 2015 Stitch Fix box

So this Gilli Auden Ikat Print Dress from my March 2015 Stitch Fix may not look like much on the hanger, but it’s form fitting but not too tight on the top while the pop of color as part of the skirt makes it stand out from just wearing a little black dress or black/white dress. I also have this one set of earrings and necklace from Target already in a similar turquoise color that I love but don’t get to wear much, and they went perfectly with the colors in the skirt. I wore it 4 hours after I received it to attend TOAST 2015, so a keeper because it isn’t so low on top that I can’t wear it to work, but also great to go out in. And for someone who doesn’t have much of a chest, this dress creates an impressive illusion. Sorry that my selfie game is very, very very weak.
Gilli Auden Ikat Print Dress from my March 2015 Stitch Fix Gilli Auden Ikat Print Dress from my March 2015 Stitch Fix

Given that I was keeping all those pieces above, it didn’t make sense to just send back the Skies Are Blue Devon Lace Back Blouse. I loved the color and lace back, but didn’t like the fit because it is very boxy. But I was pretty much getting it for free with the 25% discount if I got the whole box, so it made sense just to keep it too.
March 2015 Stitch Fix find of Skies are Blue Devon Lace Back Blouse March 2015 Stitch Fix find of Skies are Blue Devon Lace Back Blouse

In my other Stitch Fix Friday post, I share some of my favorite Stitch fix matches I’ve gotten over the past other 14 boxes. I will also try to keep up a series monthly or so  with my latest Stitch Fix box review.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? If you are not a Stitch Fixer, and are thinking of trying it, would you mind using this referral link that gives me a small credit? And, then become Stitch Fix friends with me so we can share what we have in our boxes, I’m always curious to see what others are getting based on their style information!



  1. I keep meaning to try StitchFix! Glad you had a positive experience.

  2. i am totally intrigued. May have to check it out.

  3. I haven’t tried StitchFix, but the idea is fascinating. I may have to try it, as well! When I shop by myself I am reluctant to try a variety of styles. This may be just the thing to pull me out of my rut!

    • That’s exactly why I like Stitch Fix – they make me try things that I know I would have never picked up from a store hanger or folded up!

  4. Ooooh I love that last top especially! I kind of hate shopping, so StitchFix would be a good option for us—but I hesitate to spend money! I’m a bit of a miser when it comes to those things. But it looks like you had some fantastic finds!

  5. I love this post! Thanks for explaining more about stitch fix. I didn’t really understand what it was before.

    • Your welcome, and you can always free to ask me more questions if you’d like. I’ll be posting another entry soon on other items I’ve gotten over multiple boxes to give an idea how they sussed out my style!


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