April showers bring May flowers, you promise?

The second of super crappy days… sure there are brief times of brilliant sunshine and blue skies… and then it gets really cold and windy and grey and you are pummeled with rain, or sometimes hail.

I can't wait for the weather to stop being schizophrenic and really hand us spring and summer. Just the other week, a better April day… a glimpse of flowering trees and Mt St Helens


Just last year, another nice April day… a glimpse of flowering trees and Mt Hood

And 2 years in April… well, I wasn't in Portland so not flowering trees and no mountains. Apparently, the pictures I took that month was a dinner at Moto, which included visually interesting dishes like an edible menu and the "Roadkill of Fowl" dish! It certainly accomplished Homaru Cantu's goal of being memorable.



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