Food Memories of the almost past 10 years

I recently updated my Food Memories album, which are the highlights of as I think back over the years, meals that were real memorable for me. Just looking at the photo I can recall the taste, the company, it's a story or stories that are bookmarked by that food photo. As the photos eventually catch up to the present, you can see that I get better at taking food photos (and also get a better camera, though it is still a point and shoot). And I definitely when I moved to Portland, began to explore more liquid deliciousness.

Actually, even 10 years ago, I had a blog, though then it included both personal stories as well as talking about dining out. Back then, it was
on my brother's server, which when was closed down, then
forced my move to vox, and then when vox went away, my move to my
current home at Typepad. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure how to
recover and host the old SQL server blog entries, though I do think it
would be a kick to see them.

Most of the food photos are from restaurants that are in Chicago (since that's where I was living in 2002 when I started taking more photos of food) up to where you see the Disney waffle, which starts restaurants outside Chicago thanks to personal and work travel (I had grouped them at the end of the album when I made the Picasa album in 2007).

Then, after the travel food you will start to see photos from places in Oregon, thanks to my move to Portland OR in 2008 (PDX food starts at the longer set of beer sampler photos).

Anyway, enjoy!


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