Lunch Date at Davis Street Tavern

Photo post… a lunch at Davis Street Tavern¬†several weeks back. The meal included for him, a Mushroom Risotto with basil hazelnut pesto and spiced kale which was a nice lighter take on a risotto that wasn’t heavy with cream. For me, an order of Steak Frites with grilled bavette steak and green chili hollandaise with shoestring fries that had too much sauce that I couldn’t detect the green chili and seemed heavy like an aioli, I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to compliment the steak. It was fine with the fries. I also had a great glass of red- I have always been impressed with the wine by the glass selection at Davis.

Davis Street Tavern mushroom risotto Davis Street Tavern steak frites

There is something so luxurious and indulgent with having a glass of red wine with lunch, and meeting F for lunch- a lunch date! We never see each other during work time because we for the past 8 years have always worked on opposite sides of town- him inevitable downtown and me doing the reverse commute to go out to the suburban area more. Being a veg he was on the verge of disgust as I sliced into and ate a medium rare hunk of meat, but we still walked back to his office together, holding hands and bumping playfully into each other as we walked, before we had to part for him to continue his workday and I continued on my errands.

Even though F isn’t much of an expressioner (is that a word? Well, I made it one), the first time we see each other when me meet up after work we always pass to each other this little quick small doofy smile of recognition¬† and relaxation and comfort at seeing the other, a smile I’ve also seen at children when they get tucked in with their favorite toy at night. We still have these little greeting smiles even after all our time together so far, and shortly after reuniting, we report out our adventures of the day to each other. <3

Davis Street Tavern steak frites



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