Cousins Maine Lobster

I’ve visited Cousins Maine Lobster before, at their food truck in 2013, and since then the Cousins (yes, they are two cousins who founded this, plus backing from Shark Tank) they have expanded the number of cities for which they have food truck franchises (20 trucks in 13 cities throughout the US, though no location in Portland Oregon), and also opened a brick and mortar restaurant location in Los Angeles in the West Hollywood area. You can get their lobster goodness to eat there at the restaurant, order to go, or even get it delivered via Postmates or UberEats. Being a lover of eating lobster, of course I had to check it out!
Cousins Maine Lobster in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, the only brick and mortar restaurant location besides the food trucks.

They still offer three seafood rolls- the classic Maine lobster roll that is served chilled with mayo, the Connecticut which is lobster served warm with butter, or the Crab roll that is the Maine lobster roll but with crab meat instead of lobster meat.

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